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Transforming Your Kitty Photo into a Beautiful Art

December 17th, 2012

I have a question to you all.  How many cat pictures of your own do you put up on the wall?  Well, I have only two on the wall in my house.  To be honest with you, they are hanging on the wall in the toilet.  There were two reasons why I placed them in the toilet.  The first was that it is practical in a way that I wanted to admire my furry kids’ as often as possible.  The other reason was that these pictures were taken by me, and they are not professional grade, unfortunately.  I had no idea how to make my photos presentable in the living room until my friend, Johnny, gave me a gift.

After I lost my dearest blue tuxedo cat, Mimi, Johnny gave me a beautiful picture of Mimi in an art form – Painted Photograph!  The picture was taken by me when Mimi was alive, but Johnny downloaded it to his computer and made it into an amazing brush-painted-look photograph.  See this!

Mimi - Before

Mimi - After








This beautiful painted picture is hanged in the living room (proudly) where Jeffrey and I can see every day, and it is a conversation piece when our cat-friendly house guests are over.  We love this art because it is different from a boring photograph and it is SO beautiful.

Recently, I had an opportunity to give the same gift to my dearest friends who lost their cat, Merle to a coyote.  I had a few good pictures of Merle, so I asked Johnny to select one for me, and to create a special artwork for my friends.  Wow, he did magic again!  This is between you and me, I know his secret…Johnny is a life-time cat lover – he and his wife currently have four furry kids, and he knows a kitty’s heart and soul.  He captures the unique essence of who the individual kitty is (was) with his artistic sensitivity.  It shows in his art.

Merle - Before

Merle - After

Merle - After








If you have a special photo, or two, that you wish to hang as an art in your living room, I am full-heartedly recommending my friend, Johnny.  He will make it happen.  When he makes it manually for more brush-stroke effect (as opposed to just running a software program to make a photo “looks like” a painted art) his rate is about $60 (8×10 finish).  For details, please contact Johnny directly at “jleblanc (at texas dot net)”.

Happy Holidays!!