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Reiki for Cats?

November 7th, 2012

Have you ever heard of Reiki before?  Reiki creates healing energy connection between living things.  Although one of my dear friends practices Reiki, I wasn’t interested in learning more about it until my cat, Tora got a treatment from a Reiki practitioner in California.  It really helped heal and lift Tora’s spirit when he was depressed with the sudden departure of his companion sister, Mimi.  Tora started eating better and ran around more right after the Reiki session.  Naturally, I wanted to learn more about Reiki after seeing the result of it, so I drove down to San Antonio to take Reiki Level 1 class in September.

Latest Mikan

Since then, I have been practicing Reiki often with Mikan when she suffered from her bout of high fevers and terrible skin conditions.  I sat near Mikan and meditated with deep breathing.  In the beginning, it was hard to meditate for even 10 minutes, but I think I am getting used to creating, and being in, a calm place longer and longer.  It is so amazing to see Mikan purring loudly on my lap when she was ill.  On the other hand, when she has tons of energy running around, she would come lick my finger and then just keeps on running around.

I also tried practicing Reiki to the cats at my friend’s place.  Mr. J has four cats. The three cats, Marcus, Lenny, and Kiki live in one wing of the house, while the fourth cat, Mimi, lives in the other wing of the house.  Mimi is the youngest cat and was a feral cat raised by squirrels in the neighborhood, according to Mr. J.  She is a very shy kitty.  When I go cat sitting to their house, I rarely see Mimi.  She is so scared and hides from any strangers (including myself, of course).  Mimi loves Mr. J. as her Dad, and enjoys his company and affections, but she is so skittish with others.  Even Mr. J.’s wife took a long time to be able to pet Mimi.

Kiki, the Princess. Loves to be brushed!


I thought Reiki might be able to help Mimi, if she wants to heal whatever part that needs healing on her own accord.  It is always the animal’s choice whether they would take the healing energy or not.  We cannot push them to get it.  Reiki doesn’t work that way.  All I can do is to create the calm flow of healing energy by concentrating on my energy flow.  If the cat wants to heal herself, she might come out of wherever she is hiding to be closer to the energy source, she might start to purr where she was at, or come on to your lap, for example.

Marcus: "I can meditate on our screened-in back deck any time!"

I was creating Reiki flow through meditation for about 30 minutes in Mimi’s wing of the house without knowing where she was.  She didn’t come out to see me.  I was disappointed with a lack of “result”, but I am sure she sensed something was very different energetically in the space.  Interestingly, when I opened my eyes at about 15 minutes into the Reiki session, I saw Marcus sitting right next to the baby gate which separates the two wings of the house, looking at my direction curiously.  He was there for a while.  After 30 minutes passed, I lifted my eyes again, now I saw Kiki in the same spot where Marcus was at 15 minutes ago.  I heard her subtle purring from the distance.

I don’t know these incidents were just a coincidence or the proof that they felt healing energy.  I really wish cats could talk to us in English.  Wait a minute, the whole purpose of me learning Reiki is to make healing connection with animals energetically.  In a way, I am learning a new language that is not the “language” in a literal sense.

Cats always help me learn about myself, expand my horizon, and let me learn to trust myself to be an intelligent existence on earth just like… they are!

Welcome to Our Family – Mikan!!

September 4th, 2012


Last Sunday, I woke up with a very strong urge to adopt a new kitty companion in our family.  I had to act on it that day!  Jeffrey and I were out of the house heading to Austin Animal Center by 11 a.m.!!

"Hello! I am Mikan"

After three hours of having fun with lots of cats, our heart was set on a tiny, scruffy, yet so adorable, orange tabby kitten.  Jeffrey and I both had an instant attraction to that kitten.  We named her “a little tangerine” in Japanese – Mikan (Mee-Khan).

She is about ten weeks old, underweight, and FIV+ (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), which means her natural immune system is compromised.  I thought of Tora as her companion – he is a laid-back cat with a strong need for grooming other cats (and humans sometimes)…  FIV spreads to other cats through deep bite wounds, and not through grooming or daily sharing of food/water.   We made a decision – we adopted Mikan!

Since she came to our house, Mikan stopped diarrhea, gained weight (she is 2.5 lb now), and she has been playing like a professional hunter!

We finally introduced two cats yesterday after five days separating the two (it required patience on our part because we were so excited for two to meet!!).  Tora knew something was going on in the guest bedroom, but he had never seen her.  Jeffrey opened the door casually, and invited Tora to come in to the Mikan’s room.  Well, the result was…SUCCESS!  Tora immediately approached and started licking his new sister, and the sister took it as if that was from her real cat Mom.

"Hey sister, you're little dirty. Let me clean you!"

Mikan was more eager to be close to Tora – she walked toward Tora more often than Tora did to Mikan.  At some point, Tora stepped back realizing what he was doing (grooming her), kept space from her.  No hissing or growling.  He was staring at Mikan from a distance as if he was trying to make sense out of this whole encounter.  “Who is she?”  “She doesn’t look like Mimi…”  “Can I trust her?”  It was surely interesting behavior to me.  We will be increasing time of their encounters more and more, day by day.

I am sure that Mimi is purring for our happiness from cat heaven…



"Wanna play?"

Trois Chats Mes Amis – The Three Cat Friends in France!

June 17th, 2012

My husband, Jeffrey, and I just came back from the vacation in France.  This was a very special trip that my mother in Japan, Jeffrey, and I had talked about and dreamed about for about five years.  It became our reality finally!  We had spent about two weeks in a various towns and villages in the South and the Central part of France.  Aside from crazy drivers and automobiles in Paris, we enjoyed the countryside driving – total distance of 1,500 miles.  Along this road trip, I made a few furry friends who could speak the universal language – being kind and loving to each other.

Picnic Lunch with Gigi

On the day third of our trip, we left a beautiful old historic town of Saint Emilion (Northeast of Bordeaux), and we were driving through rolling hills of vineyards all around us.  We’ve bought sandwiches and pastries for lunch in the local bakery, so we stopped at a side street where there were big trees – perfect for a picnic!  Soon after we sat down, I located a cat in the distance (I became very good at this on this trip).  This cat walked straight toward us!  We decided to call her Gigi (named after our B&B’s owner’s cat in St. Emilion).  She obviously welcomed us in her territory!  She was so friendly and loving.  I gave her a piece of chicken, but she was not interested in food at all.  She hung out with us in our entire lunch break, and went back where she came from when we left.  Watch the video of Gigi HERE.

Pierre: "Do you want to pet me?"

The other two cats I made friends with were mom and a son (I think…, but not sure).  They live in a small town called, Carsac-Aillac.  They were in our hotel courtyard sunbathing when we arrived.  The younger male cat, Pierre (Jeffrey named him) was curious about us from the second he saw us.  He came right up to us and showed his straight-up excited tail.  The other cat, “Pierre’s Mom” wasn’t there first, but she emerged at some point out of nowhere.  She was calm, quiet, very sweet, and content.  To be honest, I was very tired by that day (day sixth of the trip) being a translator between Jeffrey and my mother all the time, and not being able to be “alone” with my thoughts and activities.  After a brisk 40 min. walk with Jeffrey just outside our hotel, I went back to the courtyard to spend time with Pierre and Pierre’s Mom.  That was exactly what I needed.  The cats gave me the space I needed, gave me healing and calming energy without soliciting, gave me a several chuckles with their fun spirits.  I was totally refreshed after being with them for 30 min. (or actually, I don’t remember how long I enjoyed their company.  It could have been an hour!).

Pierre's Mom: "I love it here..."

The biggest challenge in our trip was not being able know exactly what we ordered at the restaurants!  Our French wasn’t sufficient enough.  I should have put more effort into my on-line language study before the trip…  Oh well…  That being said, I enjoyed the spontaneity in our trip and language barriers.  It reminded me of when I came to the U.S. about twenty years ago.  The greatest thing of all was that not only we truly enjoyed the entire trip, but also that I found the cats in France can speak our universal language – being kind existences and loving to all.

What Do You Do to Relax Your Cat?

May 24th, 2012

"Don't like!" Paws Down...

As a cat owner, we all know that cats are finicky creatures.  Even in their familiar environment, they might jump up in the air with all fours with a sudden noise, thunder, or even simply a new stuff on the floor!!

I got to say, “Calm down kitty…” just yesterday, when I bought a bunch of crinkly gift tissue papers for Mimi to play with.  She loves tissue paper – I thought she would have more fun with more crisp, better quality papers (in my opinion).  I laid the “super crinkly” new tissue paper on the carpet just in time when she came inside through the cat door.  She immediately stopped and detected a new paper five feet away from her, she lowered her tail down. (Fear degree #1).  Then, she slowly approached the paper (I’m proud of her!)  She sniffed it.  Nothing is happening.  Then, she put her right paw on it.  “CRINK!!”  Mimi FLIPPED OUT, jumping straight up in the air with all fours!!!  What a finicky cat…  Here I have another waste of toys that didn’t work.  Oh, wait, I can still use it for the gift wrapping for humans!   Whew.

I am still learning about how to effectively relax cats in general, but here are some techniques that I know work for many cats (it may not work for ALL cats).

1)    Relax YOURSELF – When you’re anxious, panicky, or anxious, your cat is totally “in-tune” with it.

2)    Communicate with a Cat – Talk gently to your cat about what’s going on, and that it is just a temporary situation (whatever it is happening).  Then, send your cat an image of calm and peace, ensuring that everything will be the same as usual soon.  According to my animal communication teacher, animals communicate with images!  Meow.

3)    Play Sessions – It might sound counter-intuitive, but cats are craving for “intelligent things” to do.  Playing that consists of chasing and hunting something moving is totally stimulating to them, and that’s what they are hard-wired in their biology.  Believe or not, the play relaxes them.  I have seen many shelter cats who were so nervous and fearful they were sitting in back of their cage box; they came out of the box to play within 10-15 min. of our volunteers’ patient encouragement.

4)    Flower Essences – Natural vibrational energy in the flower water soften and re-balance cat’s emotional state.  I will talk more in-depth about it in a future blog!

5)    Lavender Hydrosol Spray – This is a new addition to my practice.  I tested it with a handful of my clients.  Their cats like it.  Spray it on the cat’s bedding, inside of a cat carrier, and any areas that a cat needs calming effect (i.e., inside the car).  Do NOT use essential oils because they are toxic to cats.

6)    Giving Treats – It’s best given when a cat already calmed down.  Please remember to praise them verbally, too!

Every cat I encounter in the shelter, through cat sitting, and consultations teaches me a lot about how he/she wants to be treated.  I do my best to use my abilities to interpret their messages as correctly as possible.  Will I ever learn “purr-fect” techniques?  No cat has given me the answer yet.

Three Key Lessons from Animal Communication

March 21st, 2012


Have you heard of an Animal Communicator?  In my interpretation, animal communicators are highly skilled humans who can communicate with animals.  Well, I had been curious about my two cats.  What are they thinking about me, my husband, and their lives with us?  I called an animal communicator in Arizona twice last year.  Both times, I got amazingly insightful comments from my cats, Tora and Mimi, through the animal communicator.  She helped me understand them better, and helped me and my husband to change improve how we interact with them.  Most importantly, it was fun to connect with my own cats in their level of perception!

Well, just a couple weeks ago, a local animal communicator, Kate Turner-Mays held a workshop on Animal Communication.  I was so intrigued, yet a little apprehensive about going into my “uncharted territory”.  Well, what the heck, I registered to the class after only 5 minutes debating it over whether or not I should take it.

Kate and her family have acreage of land and a ranch, and live with horses, hens, and cats.  In addition to animal communication, she works with autistic children using help from the horses.

During animal reading exercises, I had some hits and misses.  I’m admitting that I’m not skilled yet.  But, hey, I HAD hits!!

Although I want to talk about everything that happened on the day of the workshop, in this blog, I write about my biggest three key learnings from that day.

  1. Trust an animal first.  I work with the shelter cats, and I sometimes have “fear” that a cat might attacks me with no reason.  I cannot play “psychological games” with animals, if I want to communicate with them.  I need to be fully present with them in the moment.
  2. I am not a psychic.  However, I can still practice the communication skills with animals.  It is about using our senses a “muscle” that we don’t use much in our daily lives, and practice it again and again to make it stronger.
  3. Connecting with nature every day.  Sensitizing all my senses to feel.  In the workshop, after a brief meditation, we quietly walked outside in nature to feel, to hear, and to see everything around us connecting with that moment.  I felt really refreshed, soothed, and rejuvenated during and after the walking meditation.  Ultimately, this exercise helps a lot to communicate with animals.

I grew up in the country side of Japan.  There are so many fond memories of my childhood filled with abundance of nature – rice fields, mountains, rivers, fruit trees, birds, flowers, crickets, etc.  The workshop gave me the opportunity to be in touch with my roots where I came from, and my current existence where I am now and what I do with my intention to help cats.

After returning home from the workshop, I heard my cats said, “Mommy, you need more practice!”

Leaving Sedona – Home Sweet Home, yet?

December 21st, 2010

The day of departure – We are on the road, again!  Tora was so excited in the car – that he meowed for a solid one hour and a half after we left the rental home.  To me, he seemed like he was singing a series of a songs.  To my husband, Jeffrey, Tora seemed like he was telling of all the things that happened in Sedona as a travel summary.  Regardless what’s really going on with Tora’s psyche, listening to seems-like- endless meows required beyond-human patience in our part.  Read the rest of this entry »

Cat Preparation for a Flight Trip

July 12th, 2010

My cat,Tora, did not enjoy the airplane trip from Oregon to Florida that we took several years ago. The airline regulations were different back then: the only option we had for Tora was for him to be in the cargo area with other animals.  After about 8 hours of travel time, including the layover, my husband and I anxiously waited for Tora to come out of the animal receiving area at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Then two animals showed up on the counter.  Read the rest of this entry »