My Litter Choice

I talked about my favorite litterbox in my last blog.  It seems like a natural flow to talk about my choice of litter today.  How many different types/brands of litters do you think there are on the market?  There are more than 30!  No wonder I kept buying the same one over and over because it is so confusing.  On top of that, our finicky kitties do not like changes.

In the past, I used scented clumping litter only once because I couldn’t stand the strong perfume it contained.  I could smell the perfume hours after I scooped the litter.  That was just too much.  Then, I switched to an unscented clumping litter (Tidy Cats) and used it for a long time, but I was always wishing that there was less dust in these litters.  I know I inhale them, so  my cats must be, too.  When other alternatives became available, I tried finely-milled corn litter (World’s Best Cat Litter).  Tora and Mimi had no problem switching to it, and I felt good using eco-friendly, bio-degradable product.  However, when summer arrived, something hatched inside the litter bag and the box.  They were thousands of tiny dark-brown bugs crawling inside the litterrrr!!!  “It was creepy”, my husband said.  It happened again this summer, so that was the end of the corn-litter for us.  We tried pine pellets also.  Tora didn’t like the feeling of the pellets on his paws.  Mikan started playing with it rather than using it as a litterbox, so that was a no-go.

OK, here is my litter choice!!  Dr. Elsie’s Ultra Precious Cat. 

"Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Cat Litter"


This litter is a clumping type, unscented, and almost no-dust, and my cats approved.  Also, there is a sister product called, Cat Attract by Dr. Elsie’s brand.  It has been proven by my clients that it works for cats who eliminate outside the litterbox (if it is a litter issue and not territorial or medical issues).

By the way, here is an interesting article about litter types from ASPCA.  It talks about Clay v.s. Clumping.  

Here is my favorite litter mat from 3M/Scotch and it really keeps litter trapped inside the mat, and it is easy to clean.  Check it out here.

As a cat sitter to many cats, I scoop a lot of litterboxes.  It may sound counter-intuitive, but it is so easy to scoop with a small scooper.  It is light-weight, gentle to your wrist, and easy to maneuver corners of the box. 

Most importantly, let’s scoop the litterboxes every day for your beloved kitties!  The litterbox is their precious private space to leave their piece of identity.  Keeping it clean is really makes a difference for them!  They will thank YOU.


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