Have You Spoiled Your Cats Lately?


I am not talking about treats or extra toys thrown on the floor.  I am talking about enrichment projects that change cats’ living environment like they wouldn’t even expect in their indoor life!

Attached a carpet to the shelf with a double-sided tape

I finally decided to install shelves on the wall for my cats to climb up to the window up high in the living room.  Technically, I added this project to my husband’s “honey-do list”.  Since this is a very important project for our furry kids’ quality of life, this item went up to the first priority of all other projects, and it was completed last weekend!

We purchased nine heavy-duty 10” x 10” shelves on Amazon and attached a thin carpet from Home Depot with double-sided tape on the shelves’ surfaces for the cats’ “grip-ability”. 

The first cat to try out was Tora.  Most of the time, he always has a casual approach to new things, people, and animals.  He is much more curious than being afraid of them.  A half way done installing the shelves, Tora already tested the upper shelves, and gave my husband further “meow-go”.

"Should I go up or not?!"

"The coast is clear!"

After all the shelves were installed, Mikan was wheeled by her irresistible toy to the shelves, and she made it to the top!  Yay!!  Now, she is the one who uses the shelves everyday when her playmate is not available when she needs him.  Actually, this project was meant for Mikan.  She escaped from our cat-fenced backyard a couple of times recently, and has been looking for something more exciting out there.  While we come up with new idea for a better cat fence, we needed indoor life enrichment for Mikan.

Mikan and Tora are going up and down the shelves everyday so far this week.  To avoid a traffic jam, we might add another long shelf to create an escape route.   They often chase each other going up the shelves. 

"We need more shelves!"

It may become a never-ending project adding another shelf one by one.  Cats are very good at pushing human companion’s creative limit/edge.  Oh well, we love them so much.  We want to do whatever takes for their happiness.  Don’t you?

Yay! Mikan made it to the top!

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