Trip Day One – Tora at the Wheel!

We started out the departure day as normally as possible considering our cats’ breakfast and litterbox routine in the morning.  We left home at 8:30am with a super-packed trunk of my red Honda Accord.  There is an opening in the car from the trunk to the back seats for skis, so we utilized the opening as a “cat-go-through-to-the-litterbox”.  We placed the litterbox in the trunk.  Wow, there were so many things we had to bring for cats!

Here are the things we loaded for the cats: (over 20 items easily)

Litter & litterbox; 2 cat carriers; frozen raw meat mix in a cooler box & essential vitamins and minerals; beddings, favorite toys, food/water bowls; a scratching post and a scratching pad; double tape (for protection from scratching furniture at the home we’re renting for two weeks); urine cleaner for just in case; 7 bottles of flower essences to help the cats with stress and adjustment; Feliway plug-in.

Our plan was to drive Rte I-10 for 10 hours to get to Las Cruses, TX on the first day then, to stay at a pet-friendly hotel and continue driving heading to Sedona through Tucson and Phoenix on the next day.

Tora was very excited right from the beginning: walking back-and-forth in the car, looking out the views, bothering his sister, Mimi.  Mimi started out nicely relaxed – she perhaps thought it was our usual test-ride.  She was cozying herself in her carrier for a few hours.  However, things changed after those few hours (after she realized this was not her usual short test-ride anymore…).  She went into the trunk area and looked out toward the opening to the back seats.  I said, “That’s fine as long as she feels safe and secure.  I’ve seen many cats at the shelter sitting in a litterbox to sleep.  Compared to those cats, Mimi is doing great because at least she is not sitting in a litterbox”.  As soon as I said so aloud to my husband, I bet Mimi heard it and thought it would be a wonderful idea – she went into the litterbox for a several hours!

As we were approaching Las Cruses, I said, “Mimi, I will greatly appreciate it if you come out of the litterbox before arriving in Las Cruses, pretty please!”  Within a few minutes, she miraculously came out of the litterbox as I asked for (!!).  It was amazing to witness successful communication with our animal.  We are not always conscious about how “tuned-in” our animals are to our communication with them, but it is truly real. 

Well, once we got to the parking lot of a hotel in Las Cruses, Mimi then went under my seat (passenger seat) to cocoon herself there until we had to pull her out of there.  Poor Mimi.  Please forgive Mommy and Daddy.

Tora was pretty happy at La Quinta as soon as he was free to walk and run around.  Mimi was not.  She hid herself behind the bed skirt.  As you know, I am a flower essence freak, so I gave her an essence to help her calm down.   After we came back from dinner (surprisingly good Italian – Lorenzo’s), Mimi was already walking in the room, exploring every corner and crevice.   She didn’t eat much at night.  Tora was happy to finish her bowl.  Both cats used the litterbox like champs at the hotel.  I’m so proud of them!  In fact, Tora used the litterbox in the moving car. (huh?!)

Mimi: "I can't find the comfy spot yet..."

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