Day Two – Are We There Yet?

We left Las Cruces, NM around 7:30am heading to our final destination of Sedona, AZ.  The planned traveling time was about 8 hours.  As soon as we all sat inside the car, my husband and I took deep breaths, visualizing a happy trip with two kitties. 

Mimi – Leaving La Quinta in Las Cruces Mimi took her little deep breath as well, and then went right under my passenger seat.  I felt Mimi’s movement under my butt (yes, I did).

The drive is getting too long...

On the other hand, Tora was as happy as a little kitten although he is 8 years old.  He was moving around and singing for us for 10min. every couple of hours.  Mimi was dead quiet.  My husband I became very worried about her and how she was doing under the seat.  We touched her every couple of hours to see that she was OK (well, alive).  To our relief, she was warm and moved her tail every time.

Mimi stayed under the passenger seat the whole trip to Sedona on day 2.   I think she was sleeping under there most of the time.  As long as she feels safe and secure, and not in fear, I’m OK with it, but I think it is not healthy being in one place for more than a few hours (like under the passenger seat)?!  She was there for almost the entire 8 hours!!  I felt bad for her – it was the toughest part of the trip.  Even for Tora, the last few hours of driving must have been tiring.  In fact, he lay down in his carrier and went to sleep until we arrived at the vacation rental in Sedona.

We finally arrived safely in Sedona around 3:30pm (MT).  It was a long day for everybody in the car!  We brought Tora into the apartment first since he would be happier to be free again as soon as possible.  After all, he is a very athletic cat.  We waited to bring Mimi in after we had a walk-through with the owner of the place.  Mimi didn’t have resistance to come out from under the seat.  I bet she was exhausted.  Sorry, Mimi.

Both cats must have known that they were here for a while.  Mimi didn’t hide at all.  Tora was walking curiously in every room.  They started exploring every corner and crevice of the apartment.  The place was a cozy size of about 800 sq ft with panoramic views from every window.  My husband and I were so excited, so were our cats!  After checking everything at their nose/eye-level in the room, they looked out at the amazing red rock formations through the very clean windows.  I saw both cats just staying in front of a picture window and trying to make sense of  the humongous red rocks and  their distance from it (or something like that…).  It was exciting to see them excited!

They finally relaxed at night after a yummy dinner.

We are in Sedona, FINALLY!

“Whew, we made it!!”

P.S.  On the first night in Sedona, Mimi and Tora had a WILD midnight party!  I also heard litter covering sounds at least 6 times during the night.  Wow, good for them.  Certainly, they needed it.

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