First Week in Sedona – Both Cats Did Their Best!

It had been so interesting to observe my own cats in a totally different environment.  I found it fascinating that Mimi and Tora did the best they could to make themselves comfortable in our rental home.  I truly appreciated their efforts.  Here are my observations of my cats’ behaviors in the first week.

  1. Sensitivity to any sounds – Apparently my cats’ instinctive and protective natures are still working after long years of safe, domesticated life with us.  They became more jumpy with noise from both inside and outside the house.  Tora is usually a very friendly cat to people as well as to other animals, but when he saw two little white dogs outside the house; he ran away from them and hid under the bed.  Mimi was extremely nervous with noise, also.  She is generally a skittish cat to start with, and we found that she preferred to retreat to a very small and confined space to escape from fear.  She found a comfortable place behind a suitcase stored in the closet.  We also found her sleeping in that spot for several hours one day.
  2. Finding a few comfortable places to hang out, sleep, or hide– Mimi’s favorite places were: in the closet, behind the TV placed on the high shelf, and on a chair with a soft blanket on it in the master bedroom.   Tora’s favorite places were: on a couch placed in middle of the living room, as well as, on the master bed.  We often found him sleeping buried in a fluffy feather comforter.  He also loved the exact same comforter as his play-mate when he needed some energy release.
  3. Investigating (smelling) every crack and crevice of the house in addition to all the furniture. Cats’ instinctive behaviors are working just fine!
  4. Feeding was challenging! Mimi had a hard time getting hungry without having fresh air from being outside.  She also needed some play time to get physically active before eating.  We kept both cats inside the house for safety, so we gave them outside exposure on the porch under supervision a few times per day.  In contrast, Tora had no problem eating.  He seemed like he was ready to eat at any time!  Mimi was constipated, so I gave her pumpkin puree (no spice) mixed into her food.
  5. Life adjustment to our rental home seemed easier than I expected.  Both cats used the litterbox faithfully (yay!), and they became more relaxed over time with sounds that they heard repeatedly.  I’ve learned to trust and respect their internal natural coping mechanisms for changes in the environment.  We kept our daily routine fairly the same, so that might have helped, too.

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