Second Week in Sedona – Home Is Where the Heart Is!

Tora and Mimi seemed much more relaxed in week two.  Tora and Mimi each found their favorite blanket on their favorite sofas, and they kept those locations every day for their morning and afternoon naps.  We found them sleeping on the exact spots when we returned from a day trip in the late afternoon.  They sometimes swapped their spots for variety.

It became very cold (down to 23F in the early morning) in Sedona in week two.  Although Mimi and Tora both enjoyed the outside porch time twice a day in week one, they no longer had the same enthusiasm to be out in week two.  I totally understand that.

Mimi’s eating habits improved!  She still needed some play time to get the blood moving before eating, but my husband did a great job keeping that going every day for her!  It is always a blessing to have a cooperative companion in the household to take care of un-cooperative furry kids.

For these two weeks in Sedona, I’m scooping the litterbox several times a day!  I brought only one litterbox as opposed to two boxes at home in Austin.  To make a stinky story short, Mimi’s poops got bulkier than last week due to pumpkin added to her diet.  That must have been a big relief for Mimi!

Where is Mimi?

Regarding Tora, I found it so interesting that Tora’s “landing sounds” changed.  What I mean is that Tora always makes sounds when he jumps down to the carpeted floor at home in Austin, but he didn’t make any sound in our rental home in Sedona since we arrived.  The Sedona home has hardwood floors.  Our house is carpeted.  It would make sense if Tora makes sounds with the hardwood floor since it is a hard surface on which to land, but he does it with carpets and not with hardwood floors…?  My interpretation to this strange phenomenon is that Sedona’s strong vortexes must have influenced Tora’s feather-like landing.  Who knows?!   Jeffrey thinks it is because of lower humidity in Sedona.

I wonder if Tora and Mimi knew they were on vacation or not.  Since they adjusted themselves so well to the new living arrangement, they might have thought that the rental home was their real home forever?!

We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving with our cats.  I’m so glad that we brought them along on the trip.  I didn’t need to worry about our cats as I would usually do with any trips without them.  It was a challenging car-ride for Mimi, but she got used to our rental home very quickly.  They loved the view from the home – gorgeous red rock formations right outside of the windows!  Our rental house was about 800 S.F., so we became more intimate with Tora and Mimi.  We had more interactions with them every day than in our Austin home.  That was a big plus!  We all had a wonderful time together as a family every day of our stay.

Let's Play!

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