Mademoiselle Georgette

A gorgeous black cat, Georgette is looking for a forever home with lots of love.  She reminds me of the movie about Coco Chanel called, Coco before Chanel.  Coco Chanel grew up in an orphanage in France.  Although her childhood was hard and humble, she blossomed and thrived as her talent was discovered and recognized, and as she learned to love and to be loved.

Our beloved Georgette’s life path is just like Coco’s!  Georgette came to Town Lake Animal Center as a stray cat.  Since then, she has experienced rough times in the shelter, just like Coco did in the orphanage.  Georgette is an independent minded, very confident, and playful “chic” cat, just like Coco (well, she was not a cat, I know… I often confuse cats and people).  Her classic black fur looks just gorgeous – Classique Couture! (someone, help my French!)

VIDEO – Please meet Mademoiselle Georgette!

A team of volunteers at TLAC is looking for a forever home for Georgette right now!  She has been through a tough shelter life for a long time.  She is currently at the foster home, and she is quickly adapting a new arrangement and blossoming!! She decided to leave her past life behind.  If you or someone you know wants to meet with Georgette, please contact  Carla at

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