SNOOOWWW!!  We had a whopping one inch accumulation of snow this morning in Austin, TX!!  If I remember correctly, last Sunday was a 78F degree day.  All day today, our cats stayed inside and cozily snuggled up with their own favorite blankets – except going to the outside litterbox.  We have another litterbox inside the house, but the both cats still like to use the outside box even in this freezing weather! 

I got this shot right after Mimi went to the litterbox outside.  I thought the paw marks were so pretty!  She walked around the backyard for five minutes.  Then, she rushed back inside the house, and immediately made these hacking noise and threw up everything she ate this morning (about 30min. ago).  Oh, my goodness!  She rarely throws up, so it might have been from this freezing cold???

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