A Doghouse for A Cat? Why Not?

Cat doghouse being constructed

My two cats can enjoy the backyard whenever they want.  We have a cat door leading to the backyard where there is a cat fence all around our backyard for their safety (keeping them inside the yard).  It is great to see the cats just “being cats” outside.  They love chasing small creatures such as geckos in summer months, just sitting outside under the bush, and snoozing on the chair.

What I didn’t know until my husband put up the cat fence four years ago was that the cats started doing their “business” outside.  By the end of every summer, there were a couple dozen “very green patches” in our backyard.  They help fertilizing the grass – I say, “Thank you, kids!”

The downside of having them use backyard as a giant litterbox is that I cannot keep track of their health status by watching their daily specimens.  So, I decided to put a litterbox again on the back porch.  I placed a high-sided big litterbox without a cover there a few weeks ago.  Both cats now actually use it regularly and I am so happy and excited to see their “products” every morning!

However, there is one problem.  Although our back porch has a roof, rain often hit the litter directly and it gets messy.  It doesn’t seem pleasant to the cats’ precious paws.  Well, I would not go in there if I were a cat!!  The solution – getting a doghouse that is big enough to put the litterbox inside.  For the record, I googled “cathouse”, but there were no hits.

Tora - "I want to hang out in here"

So here it is.  Doesn’t it look cute?  My husband is not quite a handyman, but he is willing to do anything for our kitties.  He is so sweet.  Tora is a curious kitty, and he was the first one to check it out.  We placed the litterbox inside of the doghouse.  In order to have them get used to a doghouse-cat-litterbox, I partially open the roof part of the doghouse, so that the transition would be gradual.

Oh, by the way, I recently switched their litter from clumping type to pine pellets to be eco-friendly and all natural to cats.  I have been using a corn-based clumping litter inside the house, but it gets moldy outside.

Mimi - "What is this thing?"

Maybe I should buy another doghouse for the cats to just hang out in…  Then, I might as well get two doghouses for each cat, so that they don’t get fight over it…  My crazy momma syndrome continues…

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