A Family Trip

"I LOVE sitting in my Daddy's lap!!!"

We just came back from our Colorado vacation.  Tora did another big road trip with us (8 hours straight driving per day for two days).  Jeffrey and I are pretty lucky to have a cat who enjoys car-ride.  Another thing I can brag about Tora is that he can use the litterbox while in the car…  If I were a cat, I wouldn’t.

The main reason we went to Colorado was Jeffrey’s race.  I am also very proud of Jeffrey who challenged himself to run an ultra-marathon called, the Leadville 100 (miles, it is).  He was known as more of a book-worm, not an athlete in his entire life so far.  He started training seriously for the race last summer, and yes, he courageously entered the race and ran as much as he could!  To make a long story short, he couldn’t make it to the finishing line, but he did his best and finished at the 50 mile point.  There was a 12.600 ft. mountain pass runners had to go through, which is the toughest in terms of altitude and narrow path.  That was the hardest part of his race.  As a side story, Jeffrey and I hiked the Hope Pass several days before the race – I was miserable in the rain, freezing cold temperature, and a high altitude.

"Burrr at 12,600 ft. Hope Pass"

Anyway, we enjoyed the whole running and crewing experiences with our friends who supported Jeffrey.  Colorado was very cool in the morning and the night – we loved it.

We rented a one bedroom chalet-style house while in Colorado.  The owner lives downstairs and he was willing to take us in with a cat.  We brought Tora’s litterbox, a scratching post and mat, frozen raw meat mixes, emergency canned food, beddings, new toys, Feliway, flower essences, and large towels to cover some furniture (just in case he scratches – which he did).  Our rented car was full of Tora’s stuff.  Thankfully, Tora behaved very well entire time, and even charmed the owner who came by a few times.

After a long trip back to Austin, we were all exhausted.  Tora immediately went outside yard to smell the flowers, and then he came inside to his favorite spot to chill and relax for a few hours.  We sometimes forget that he is 10 years old since he acts like a kitten most of the time.  While I’ll bet he would have enjoyed the trip even more if he had a feline companion, it sure was nice having him with us the whole time!

Mountains near Leadville, CO


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