Surviving with Mikan

Since our new baby, Mikan has arrived to our house, it has been a month.  You might expect me to talk about how cute and playful she is at this age, but unfortunately, it has been a rough start for her (and us).  It turned out that Mikan has lots of health issues going way beyond our imagination!

"I chose the right house! :-)"

In the recent vet visit, we found out that she has… are you ready for a long list?  Here it is: Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), ringworm, gingivitis, ear mites which spread all over her face and paws.  She also has swollen lymph nodes that indicate Bartonella infection.  All of which are curable and not life-threatening conditions.  I am very thankful for that.

However, taking care of Mikan has been a big adjustment for Jeffrey and I who were used to living with very healthy cats.  Every time after the vet visits, she had high fever, sneezing, and eye discharge.  She got over URI pretty quickly both times.  I’ve given Mikan antibiotics prescribed for the secondary infection for a week.  Fortunately, after a course of antibiotics, Mikan’s gingivitis and terrible mouth odor went away completely.  It must have been a temporary bacterial infection.  One problem solved!

Mikan’s ears had been deep pink color because she scratched her ears so much!  The first vet said “no ear mites”, but the second vet found live ear mites under microscope.  As soon as I heard about ringworm and ear mites present in her body, Mikan and Tora have been separated.  Ringworm and ear mites are highly contagious.  If you have experienced ringworm with your cats (and possibly with yourself), you know how challenging it is to manage.  After Jeffrey and I vacuumed “her bedroom” thoroughly (unfortunately, it is a carpeted floor), we moved Mikan to our master bathroom with tile floor – yep, daily cleaning by sanitizing the floor and walls is necessary to kill ringworm spores.  We are using the guest bathroom temporarily.  Tora sometimes sits outside of Mkan’s room meowing (asking how she is doing).

"I am secretly having "one-on-one hunting training" in my quarter."


Well, after three vet visits, Mikan is finally getting toward her healthy self (we think).  She gained weight nicely to 3.5 lb now – she was 1.75 lb when she came to us.  She plays like a champ and eats like a lion!  We are still separating two cats until Mikan becomes “insured” healthy!!

I have been learning about both holistic and allopathic ways of treating Mikan’s conditions.  I will share my learning next time.  Right now it’s time to feed and play!

"I'm fast."

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