Litterbox that Works!


Cats have their own preference as to what type of litterbox they like.  It is a finicky business for cats.  I wish they could talk and tell us what type of litter, litterbox (covered/uncovered), and what shape of the box they prefer.   It seems to be a very personal, sensitive, and even emotional relationship going on between cats and the litterbox. 

In our household, we have used both covered and un-covered (open) litterboxes for our two cats.  Tora seemed to like open litterbox slightly better, but the problem was that he is often a “stand-up pee-er”, so when he stands up peeing, the pee goes over the edge of the open litterbox.  I researched a lot and even took measurements to pet store to check the height of each litterbox.  None was tall enough for Tora’s butt-height.  I decided to go search for covered litterboxes.

It was so difficult to find “the one” which passed all the criteria I was looking for with good quality.  First of all, the bottom of the box has to be completely flat for easy and clean scoops.  Second, litterbox’s top cover part and the bottom part have to be tightly closed when the side clips are down, so that it ensures no leak from between the two loose parts.  A few brands failed my test on the tight closure.  Finally, there has to be an enough space inside the box for a cat to easily turn around and to stand up inside it, and not hitting the head/tip of the ears.

Roomy & Secure!

Well, here it is – this is the litterbox that works! 

It is a Petco brand called, Petco Enclosed Pearl Cat Litter Box “X-large”.  I removed its door for better ventilation and easy access.  It was around $35 when I bought it, but it looks like they have a sale going on right now on their site for $29.99.  I have two of them using inside the house, and one for “stand-by” in the garage. 

Mikan likes to use open-air backyard as her preference of elimination. She uses the litterbox when it rains.  She loves her cat-fenced backyard so much and she is currently enjoying her youthful life by chasing innocent critters in the yard between her bathroom breaks.

"I love a 'nature call' in real nature!"


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