Cat Sitting

I am an EXTREME cat sitter!

Your cat deserves both emotionally and physically balanced life even when you are away from home. I help maintain your cats’ well-being in your absence.

  • Is your cat your child?
  • Do you feel guilty leaving your cats behind at home?
  • Are you worried about your cats while on vacation?

Extreme Cat Sitting solves the problem with EXTREME solutions!

  • 1) Lots of Fun for Your Cat

    Interactive play is a number one priority in my cat care. More than one hour of play time per day at your home where your cat feels comfortable. I play, brush, pet, head-butt, rollover, and walk on my knees if I need to in order to get your cat’s attention!

    2) Fun to Watch Your Cat Remotely

    A daily report will be sent to you with videos. You can meet with your cat virtually everyday! No more worries about your cats – they’re having a great time with me, and you’ll know it everyday.

    3) Extreme Care

    I change my clothes and wash hands thoroughly before visiting your cats. No need to worry about any transmittal disease.

  • 4) Extreme Peace of Mind

    I plan actions with you for emergency situations before your trip.

    5) Quality focus

    I take up to four appointments for any given day. My intention is to have a highest quality time possible with your cat while I am visiting. With up to four appointments a day, I never being rushed, and I still have great energy to play and to be attentive with your cat.

    6) Extreme Attention

    I not only check your cat’s appearance and regular eating and drinking habits, but also look carefully at its litter box. Most importantly, I pay attention to your cat’s emotional needs and well-being.

Service Rate

$35 per visit  (1-2 cats) includes:

  • One full hour of play/interaction time
  • Daily video report
  • And more – see below *.

$50 per visit  (3-4 cats) includes:

  • 1 ½ hour of play/interaction time
  • Daily video report
  • And more – see below *.

*In addition to the above, each visit includes:

  • Initial interview visit (approx. 45min.)
  • Provide food & fresh water
  • Maintain litter boxes
  • Administer oral/eye medications, if needed
  • Water plants in a house
  • Lights alternations
  • Take in mails and newspapers
  • Take out trash on trash day

– A Distance Charge applies beyond 5 miles radius from the office in Oak Hill area.

Additional Services

  • Nail trimming $10 per cat (if your cat let me…).
  • Litter box cleaning & washing $10 per box.
  • Transportation to your vet office (up to 2 cats) $40 per hour

Cat Sitting Hours

8:00 am to 6:00 pm
After hours visit (between 6 pm and 9 pm) $10 additional per visit

Please call for multiple visits per day.

Fully insured and bonded.

Contact Information

Email Misa