Behavioral Coaching

I help you help your cats!

Is your cat giving you an attitude?

  • Litter box rejection
  • Aggressive toward other house cats and/or people
  • Extremely shy cat that hides all the time
  • Scratching furniture or drapes
  • Waking you up all night
  • Any other feline attitudes?

I share strategies with you that have actually worked with my clients’ cats, shelter cats, foster cats, and my own. I focus on cat’s environment, emotional state, and feline specific needs. I incorporate natural flower essences in order for your cat to restore emotional balance.

Please consult with your veterinarian first to see whether your cat’s behavioral issue is caused by serious medical condition or not.

How long does it take for a cat to fix his/her attitude?

I wish I knew the answer beforehand. Cats are creatures of habit. We have to be consistent and patient in a process of change. For example, I know of a cat that used to wake everybody up at 4 a.m. every morning, but with the owner’s persistent actions following a strategy, the cat learned to be quiet all night within a week. Most likely, cats set their own pace…right? They have their own intentions!

How does coaching work?

There are two types of services. One is one-hour consultation only. I will go to your home and meet with you and your cats. I observe the environment as well as behavioral patterns of your cats, and ask you lots of questions about your cats. Then, I give recommendations for possible improvements.

The other is a four-week program. I work closely with you doing hands-on modifications every week for four weeks. Each week, we meet in-person at your home with your cat for an hour. We experiment with new and fun approaches to your cat. By the forth week, our goal is to have a master plan that works for your cat and you to carry on a daily and weekly basis going forward.

How much does it cost?

$85 for an one-hour consultation at your home. Customized flower essences are not included in the price. Distance fee may apply.

$300 for the four-week coaching, which includes four 1 hour meetings and telephone support during the four-week period. Customized flower essences are not included in the price. Distance fee may apply.

Contact me and tell about your cat’s specific situation. Please include your cat’s picture, if you have. I’d love to get to know your cat!!


“We have two wonderful four and a half year old male cats who were feral until 3 months of age. They are extremely affectionate and very bright. Unfortunately, last fall they were exhibiting some behaviors of territorial marking and we needed to curb it quickly. Along came Misa. She started by observing them while we were out-of-town and was able to tell us things we hadn’t realized about them. She continued her research and advised us to make a number of key changes in the environment, which we did. We now have two wonderful, affectionate, playful and well-mannered male cats who respect their indoor environment. THANK YOU MISA!” 


– Mark and BJ Sanders

Amos & Andy

“Misa made two flower essences for my cats, Stitch and Patrick. Both worked amazingly! Stitch was very shy and would hide whenever guests came to my house, and even hid from Misa when she would come to pet-sit. I added the flower essence to his water and wet food every day for about a month, and Stitch completely came out of his shell. He is social now with people who come to visit more often and loves it when Misa baby-sits. Also, I adopted Patrick from a local shelter, TLAC in December 2009. He’s 19 years old and had always been an only cat, and I already had two, Lilo and Stitch. Poor Patrick caught a cold at the shelter and stopped eating for almost a month. A new home with cat roommates, vet visits, and force feedings made for a very stressful time for him. He was living in one room, under the bed and would only come out to eat. After just two weeks of using Misa’s flower essence, he started exploring his new house and after two more weeks, he is completely settled and happy. He takes his naps on the couch, eats and drinks from Lilo and Stitch’s food and water bowls and has made himself at home in my home!” 


– Cam R.

Stitch - not shy anymore!!

“Daisy has had litter box issues on and off for several years.  When we brought another cat into our feline family Daisy started peeing outside the box again.  In the laundry room she was peeing everywhere but in the litterbox!  I put puppy pads, taped up to the walls, to catch her missing the boxes.  That worked okay until she started peeing in the master bathroom.  I knew it was time for professional advice.  Misa said I should add a box where she was urinating in the bathroom and one in the laundry room at her most frequent missing the box spot.  I really didn’t want to deal with more litter boxes, but I suspected it would be necessary.  Misa had me use high-backed boxes instead of the lower ones so there would be less missing.  Also she had me place them slightly away from walls so Daisy could judge the distance.  I was able to eventually move the one in the bedroom to a more desired location.  Also Misa told me to feed her near to where she was had soiled the carpet.  Now Daisy uses the box in the bedroom regularly and goes IN the boxes in the laundry room.  Thanks to Misa I don’t have to clean up stinky puppy pads and pungent cat urine anymore!”

– Sabrina G.

Daisy - I love my litterbox, meooow!