Play & Hunt

What would your kitty say if I ask her how long do you play with her every day? 
I bet she would say, “Not enough!” 

Why is the play session so important to cats? 

It is not just “playing” fun time, it is very serious business for them! 

Benefits of Play Time 

  • Cats are hunters:  Play session should assimilate their innate hunting environment.
  • Helps coordination and building muscle.
  • Helps them familiarize and feel comfortable to new environment
  • Helps release pent up energy living indoors all day. (Yes, we are responsible for this).
  • Reduces fear and tension with other cats in the house
  • Build a strong bond with you!  This is a big one.
  • Helps divert attention from something negative to them (i.e., vet visit, medicine administration, etc.)


What are “serious” toys for cats?  I have some recommendations.  Be creative with homemade toys.   

  • “Cat Dancer” toy – they are available at PetSmart.  It almost always makes kitties serious in a second from my cat sitting experience.
  • Opened paper bags (not a plastic bag) – remove handles if they have them.  Put the bag on its side to make a tunnel, and then tease a cat with a string on one end of the tunnel, or toss a Ping-Pong ball in it.  They will dive into the tunnel without hesitation! 
  • Have you ever heard of a Ping-Pong ball in a bathtub?  That sounds really fun, doesn’t it?
  • Crinkly packing papers – I always save these for my kitties when I get them.  I make a simple A-frame on the floor making a tunnel like thing.  They go in and out, crushing it from the top of it, and have a blast! 
  • Cardboard boxes without staples – they are the perfect hiding place for hunting.  Place it on the side, so that a cat can in and out easily.  While a cat is in there, use a Ping-Pong ball or a string going back and forth in front of the box opening. 

See how serious cats can get with play sessions!