Fostering Mufasa – Week One

Mufasa was brought into Town Lake Animal Shelter at the end of May.  He was about eight weeks old and very tiny and skinny.  He was only 1 ¼ pounds!  He needed a quieter and safer environment to recover from severe diarrhea and loss of appetite.  I decided to provide a foster home temporarily for this cutie pie.

Mufasa came to our home early June.  I didn’t hear any single “meow” during the 20 minutes car ride from the shelter to our home.  I guess he was either terrified or enjoying the ride.  I created a sanctuary room in our guest bathroom for him (yes, easy clean-up for me).  I placed a blanket in a box for his comfort, set up an eating station with fresh water and canned food, and prepared a litter box using an old rectangle casserole dish (a shallow pan is the easiest for a kitten to get in and out of comfortably).

Mufasa came out of the carrier box curiously.  He immediately started walking around the bathroom to check things out.  Then he came towards me where I was sitting and started to climb up on my lap and stayed there purring – he is a true love bug!  He was purring so loudly that I was worried if one of my resident cats who is very territorial might hear him.  Thank God, she didn’t.  I dabbed my finger with wet food and put it in front of his nose.  He smelled it first, and then decided to give it a go.  I guess he was hungry: he soon jumped off from my lap and started eating the wet food out of the bowl.  Yay!  After his tiny stomach became a bit full, he was back on my lap.  I figured he needed a lot of rest, so I placed him in his bed gently and said, “Good night”.  It was a mighty big day for him.

After three days of being in our home, Mufasa no longer had diarrhea.  He was eating well and playing with toys.  It was time to upgrade his room to a bigger and nicer guest bedroom!  Here are some pictures of Mufasa enjoying his nap, and playing with my cat, Tora, who loves to play with and groom others, including humans.

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