Leaving Sedona – Home Sweet Home, yet?

The day of departure – We are on the road, again!  Tora was so excited in the car – that he meowed for a solid one hour and a half after we left the rental home.  To me, he seemed like he was singing a series of a songs.  To my husband, Jeffrey, Tora seemed like he was telling of all the things that happened in Sedona as a travel summary.  Regardless what’s really going on with Tora’s psyche, listening to seems-like- endless meows required beyond-human patience in our part. 

In contrast, Mimi was very quiet, situating herself neatly in her carrier covered with a cute pink blanket (yes, it’s my taste, not hers).  She was so cute, trying to sleep there for 20 min., and then she moved to the foot area of my passenger seat to sleep at my feet.  She stayed there for about an hour before retreating herself to her cocooning spot – under my seat- for good. 

We took only a few breaks between Sedona and Las Cruces; however it took us a solid 8 hours.  We booked the same La Quinta hotel in Las Cruces as we stayed at on the way to Sedona.  We liked the hotel two weeks ago because it was very quiet and we had a great garden view room for Tora and Mimi.  Ten minutes before arriving at the hotel, I said to Mimi, “Mimi, our hotel is about 10 minutes away.  It is good to come out and stretch your legs.  You will feel much better.”  I wanted her to come out of the tiny space under my seat by herself.  However, there was no movement under my butt.  I thought, “OK, Mimi would do whatever she wanted to do anyway…, I’ll leave her alone. “  Tora was sitting on a back seat like a beautiful sphinx, but his eyes were telling me, “Hey, stop the car right now.  It’s been too long…”

We arrived in front of the hotel.  Jeffrey got out of the car to go to the front desk.  As he was closing the door, in perfect timing, Mimi came out from under the seat by herself, and stretched her body and legs!!  PURRFECT!  She looked around outside the window with curiosity.  I was again convinced that she heard me 10 minutes ago.  She didn’t come out at any of our short breaks during the drive, but here, she came out.  Isn’t it amazing!?  It was as easy as a breeze this time to put her in her carrier to take her to the hotel room.

OMG, that was a long ride...

Once we released the two cats in the room, both cats were happy as kittens!  Tora quickly checked the room while stretching legs whereas Mimi started investigating every single surface of the room.  She wasn’t scared at all this time.  Is it possible that she remembered the hotel, its location, or maybe the smells of the cleaning supplies in this particular hotel???  Mimi was obviously much more comfortable this time at the hotel.  Did she get used to staying at the hotels during this trip?  Or, does she simply like La Quinta?

Thanks to a very quiet room, we all slept soundly – we ALL needed it.  In the morning, we were on the road again at 8 a.m. (MT)   I said to the cats, “Hey guys, according to our plan, we will arrive home in Austin at 7 p.m. (CT) which means, 10 hours from now.”  I don’t know how cats interpret between time zones, or hours, but I put the idea out there, hoping they somehow understand it.  Interestingly, Mimi almost immediately went into her cozy zone – under my seat.  She stretched a couple of times under there, but next time she came out of there was in our garage at home!  Tora had a couple of singing/talking stage performances during 10 hour ride, but mostly he rested on Jeffrey’s lap as usual.  Occasionally, he walked across my lap to see and talk to the truck drivers while we’re passing them.

I wanna say HI to all truck drivers!

We finally arrived at home around 6:30 p.m.  In the garage, Tora immediately got out the car and went to the door to get inside the house.  Interestingly, Mimi didn’t appear to know where it was.  She got out of the car, then looked around with her tail low to the floor, and started investigating the garage as if it was her first time.  She came inside the house about 10 minutes after Tora.  Tora was checking the whole house and outside already, and Mimi started doing the same.  By then, Mimi had already known that this was HER HOME, SWEET HOME!  Both cats looked happy and their steps were lighter than ever.  Jeffrey and I were relieved and very happy that we were finally home, and the cats were happy.

Stay tuned – I’ll talk about what I’ve learned from the trip with cats in next blog!

Home, sweet home

So sleepy - the best spot for me is on Mommy's lap...

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