Three Key Lessons from Animal Communication


Have you heard of an Animal Communicator?  In my interpretation, animal communicators are highly skilled humans who can communicate with animals.  Well, I had been curious about my two cats.  What are they thinking about me, my husband, and their lives with us?  I called an animal communicator in Arizona twice last year.  Both times, I got amazingly insightful comments from my cats, Tora and Mimi, through the animal communicator.  She helped me understand them better, and helped me and my husband to change improve how we interact with them.  Most importantly, it was fun to connect with my own cats in their level of perception!

Well, just a couple weeks ago, a local animal communicator, Kate Turner-Mays held a workshop on Animal Communication.  I was so intrigued, yet a little apprehensive about going into my “uncharted territory”.  Well, what the heck, I registered to the class after only 5 minutes debating it over whether or not I should take it.

Kate and her family have acreage of land and a ranch, and live with horses, hens, and cats.  In addition to animal communication, she works with autistic children using help from the horses.

During animal reading exercises, I had some hits and misses.  I’m admitting that I’m not skilled yet.  But, hey, I HAD hits!!

Although I want to talk about everything that happened on the day of the workshop, in this blog, I write about my biggest three key learnings from that day.

  1. Trust an animal first.  I work with the shelter cats, and I sometimes have “fear” that a cat might attacks me with no reason.  I cannot play “psychological games” with animals, if I want to communicate with them.  I need to be fully present with them in the moment.
  2. I am not a psychic.  However, I can still practice the communication skills with animals.  It is about using our senses a “muscle” that we don’t use much in our daily lives, and practice it again and again to make it stronger.
  3. Connecting with nature every day.  Sensitizing all my senses to feel.  In the workshop, after a brief meditation, we quietly walked outside in nature to feel, to hear, and to see everything around us connecting with that moment.  I felt really refreshed, soothed, and rejuvenated during and after the walking meditation.  Ultimately, this exercise helps a lot to communicate with animals.

I grew up in the country side of Japan.  There are so many fond memories of my childhood filled with abundance of nature – rice fields, mountains, rivers, fruit trees, birds, flowers, crickets, etc.  The workshop gave me the opportunity to be in touch with my roots where I came from, and my current existence where I am now and what I do with my intention to help cats.

After returning home from the workshop, I heard my cats said, “Mommy, you need more practice!”

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