Reiki for Cats?

Have you ever heard of Reiki before?  Reiki creates healing energy connection between living things.  Although one of my dear friends practices Reiki, I wasn’t interested in learning more about it until my cat, Tora got a treatment from a Reiki practitioner in California.  It really helped heal and lift Tora’s spirit when he was depressed with the sudden departure of his companion sister, Mimi.  Tora started eating better and ran around more right after the Reiki session.  Naturally, I wanted to learn more about Reiki after seeing the result of it, so I drove down to San Antonio to take Reiki Level 1 class in September.

Latest Mikan

Since then, I have been practicing Reiki often with Mikan when she suffered from her bout of high fevers and terrible skin conditions.  I sat near Mikan and meditated with deep breathing.  In the beginning, it was hard to meditate for even 10 minutes, but I think I am getting used to creating, and being in, a calm place longer and longer.  It is so amazing to see Mikan purring loudly on my lap when she was ill.  On the other hand, when she has tons of energy running around, she would come lick my finger and then just keeps on running around.

I also tried practicing Reiki to the cats at my friend’s place.  Mr. J has four cats. The three cats, Marcus, Lenny, and Kiki live in one wing of the house, while the fourth cat, Mimi, lives in the other wing of the house.  Mimi is the youngest cat and was a feral cat raised by squirrels in the neighborhood, according to Mr. J.  She is a very shy kitty.  When I go cat sitting to their house, I rarely see Mimi.  She is so scared and hides from any strangers (including myself, of course).  Mimi loves Mr. J. as her Dad, and enjoys his company and affections, but she is so skittish with others.  Even Mr. J.’s wife took a long time to be able to pet Mimi.

Kiki, the Princess. Loves to be brushed!


I thought Reiki might be able to help Mimi, if she wants to heal whatever part that needs healing on her own accord.  It is always the animal’s choice whether they would take the healing energy or not.  We cannot push them to get it.  Reiki doesn’t work that way.  All I can do is to create the calm flow of healing energy by concentrating on my energy flow.  If the cat wants to heal herself, she might come out of wherever she is hiding to be closer to the energy source, she might start to purr where she was at, or come on to your lap, for example.

Marcus: "I can meditate on our screened-in back deck any time!"

I was creating Reiki flow through meditation for about 30 minutes in Mimi’s wing of the house without knowing where she was.  She didn’t come out to see me.  I was disappointed with a lack of “result”, but I am sure she sensed something was very different energetically in the space.  Interestingly, when I opened my eyes at about 15 minutes into the Reiki session, I saw Marcus sitting right next to the baby gate which separates the two wings of the house, looking at my direction curiously.  He was there for a while.  After 30 minutes passed, I lifted my eyes again, now I saw Kiki in the same spot where Marcus was at 15 minutes ago.  I heard her subtle purring from the distance.

I don’t know these incidents were just a coincidence or the proof that they felt healing energy.  I really wish cats could talk to us in English.  Wait a minute, the whole purpose of me learning Reiki is to make healing connection with animals energetically.  In a way, I am learning a new language that is not the “language” in a literal sense.

Cats always help me learn about myself, expand my horizon, and let me learn to trust myself to be an intelligent existence on earth just like… they are!

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