Is your cat overweight? 

Does your cat have food allergies?   

My cats had both problems in the past. 
I wish I knew more about feline diet when I adopted my first cat.  I learned it the hard way about how important nutritional diet is for cats through personal experience. 

My Own Case Study

Being so ignorant about feline diet, I fed one of my cats, Tora, the same brand dry food for his first three years.  I chose a high quality dry food brand for him.  I thought I was doing “right” thing for him.  However, at the end of the third year, Tora started having diarrhea and also stopped eating it.  He just sat there and started staring at the food bowl full of kibbles. I didn’t know what to do.  

I took him to a veterinarian and had him test for intestinal parasites, or any other kinds of internal problems.  Nothing was wrong with him.  The veterinarian thought it could be a food allergy, and prescribed him a special kibble diet from Hill’s brand.  Tora tried a little bit of his new food, but he left most of it.     

It just so happened that my other cat, Mimi became very overweight around the same time.  She was just a little kitty, but got to about 13 lbs at the age of 8 months.   She looked very heavy and she didn’t move around so much any more.  I reduced the amount of dry food for her, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

I really had to do something about both cats’ diets.  There must be something in the dry food bothering them both in different ways.  I was on a “Mama mission” trying to find a solution for them.  I researched a lot about the natural way of feline diet, and found an article feeding “raw meat” diet for cats.     

Here are some websites and books that helped me understand feline diet comprehensively. 

After my research, I decided to switch my cats’ food from dry to raw meat mix which is commercially available.  Cats are finicky about their food, as we all know.  I needed to switch from dry food to canned food first, and then I started mixing in a little bit of raw meat mix into canned food until switching to meat completely.  It might have taken about a month for my cats to switch.     

Benefits:  What I saw happen to my cats after switching to raw meat diet:

  • High energy – Both cats chase each other like cheetahs!
  • Shiny and clear eyes – True natural beauty comes out.
  • Soft and shiny coat – They get compliments from guests and visitors.
  • Less stinky poops – I always welcome these.
  • Overall better gums and teeth condition – Saves some dental visits over time.
  • Healthy & proportionate body – Mimi lost over 3 lbs and Tora’s diarrhea is gone!

Contact to share your cat’s diet concerns.   

Please consult with your veterinarian first to see whether your cat’s condition is caused by serious medical condition or not.