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The Letter from Mimi

Hello, my name is Mimi. I live with my brother Tora, a big cat-like human Misa, and an even bigger dog-like human Jeffrey. I was asked to write about my day – a normal, very happy day from my perspective.

My day usually starts very early in the morning. I don’t use alarm clock, ever. They are scary stuff. I go hunting in our backyard early morning while it is still dark and quiet. It’s perfect! What do I do exactly? I sit on the back porch and stare at the yard for a long time. I catch anything that moves out there. I love what I do! Jeffrey put up something called a cat-fence around my backyard a few years ago. I really don’t know its purpose, but it must be doing something good.

I go back inside the house to report my hunting result to my pride. Jeffrey is the only one up and around at this hour. At that point, my brother Tora is waking up, finally. He must be getting old or something. I jump on to Misa’s side of the bed because her side is warm and cozy, and most of all, I need some rest. She gives me lots of petting and praise that I really need after long hours of hunting, even though she is mostly unconscious.

At around 7:30 a.m., the magic happens! Seriously!! Misa takes out delicious food out of nowhere for me and my brother! I’ve never seen her hunt outside. How can she do that? I still cannot figure that out. The same thing happens again, exactly at 6:30 p.m. at night!! I must keep my eyes on Misa all the time. Tora and I better keep her because, I mean, she is good.

With a full stomach, I don’t remember much after that. Well, that’s not true. I hang out in backyard to do my short hunting again. George, the squirrel used to say nasty things to me from top of the fence. One day, he realized that he couldn’t get me over the cat fence thing. Ah ha! I guess it must be the purpose of the fence! I let him stay at the edge of my territory. He’s no harm. I definitely watch out for my brother and me out there. I go back inside and climb up the highest place to make me feel good about myself, make a comfy spot for me and sleep.

Sorry, I don’t remember pretty much anything until around sunset when Tora gives me a “bath”. He licks me for a long time. I appreciate it, but my fur is much finer than Tora’s, so he vomits a chunk of my hair once in a while. Well, that is how we take care and look after each other. He is a sleek, good looking cat. He looks himself in a mirror, and say, “Meeow”. I agree with him.

Anyway, after Misa shares her victorious hunt again after sunset, I go hunting again third shift of hunting. Then, I come back in and play with Misa for a while. It seems like she has many tricks to help me learn various hunting skills. Then, she brushes me after play, and I love that because it is “Me” time, I’m pampered and all I can think of is me. I wish Misa is my mama cat. Wait, is she?

I go bed with Misa in winter. She has a good taste on selecting a very comfy blanket. In summer, I often sleep on the back porch where the cat fence keeps me safe. Is that its purpose? Anyway, I am happy to meow that I have a great life here. It’s been very safe and comfy!

By the way, once in a while, Misa and Jeffrey don’t come back home for a long, long time. My brother and I start to worry about them they might have eaten by coyotes. You would never know here in Texas. Though somehow, while Misa and Jeffrey are away, our food appears magically, again with familiar magical hunters visiting our house. What’s going on? If you see Misa and Jeffrey outside the house, and if they seem to get lost, please let Tora and I know immediately.

I’m sleeping in my backyard – it’s very safe...

When I was a kitten

Me, current look