Reiki Healing for Cats

Powerful healing meditation for your loved one!

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki session is a healing meditation with your cats. You are welcome to join the session.

Just like a human body does exactly the right things when it undergoes dis-ease, animals’ bodies do the same – they try to heal themselves on their own. True healing occurs when animals are in a deep relaxation, and when they are open to heal themselves.

As an Animal Reiki Master, I offer gentle, calm, and grounded Reiki energy to each animal. Accepting and appreciating each being on earth as unique, beautiful, complete existence is the heart of my practice.

I have been learning Animal Reiki for years in addition to Reiki for humans. I completed Level III with Master certification, Animal Reiki Internship, and Animal Reiki Teacher training. I am also a member of SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) to help support shelter animals’ well-being. I have been witnessing amazing emotional and physical healing responses from my own cats, my friends’ cats, many clients’ cats, and a local shelter cats and dogs at Austin Pets Alive!

How does Reiki help your cats?

Reiki for animals is a meditation dedicated to the animal.  It is useful for healing the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues the animal may be facing.  It can speed up healing after surgery or illness, reduce side effects of medicine and other treatments, relieve pain, improve behavior problems, heal anxiety-related problems and, when physical healing isn’t possible, it does ease the transition to death.

Here is my cat, Tora, enjoyed receiving Reiki greatly during his rough days suffering from a very aggressive cancer.  He courageously took off to Cat Heaven on his own from our home in the summer of 2015.

Some animals like hands-on (as you can see in this picture) while others prefer no touching.  Here are many other Reiki clients enjoying Reiki session.

Reiki helps animals with:

    • Recent surgery
    • Tough illnesses
    • Chronic illnesses
    • Skin conditions
    • Hyperactivity/high stress behaviors
    • Past abuse or abandonment
    • Depression
    • No appetite
    • Lethargy
    • Transitioning to death

Please feel free to talk to me about your cat’s condition, we can see if Reiki will help.

Reiki Rate (30min. each)

    • In-person session at your house – $75 (ONLY in Austin, TX)
    • Distant Reiki Session (remote) – $45 – I send Reiki energy from my office to your cat/dog wherever they are at agreed time. Please provide a picture of your pet looking at the camera, if possible.
    • 5 Distant Reiki Package – $195

To schedule, click Reiki for Cats and Dogs


“Well, Frenchie has exhibited quite a shift in her behavior since her Reiki treatment! Friday night. She followed me around crying; she hardly ever makes that effort  – even when she was very healthy. I followed her (she loves to lead me), and she simply wanted petting in her special spot. Frenchie is generally calmer overall, even in her increased activity, and seems more secure, less stressed and frustrated. It’s a big shift, and continues today. I am really excited about how much better she seems to feel and her overall mental attitude since Reiki Friday. I’m really looking forward to her next session! Thank you so much!”
– Carol

“Amos’ Reiki Testimonial
Misa has been providing excellent cat care for our feline housemates for nearly 10 years. Adding Reiki to her practice has made an already perfect situation even better!

Recently, Misa has been working with our 10 ½ year old male cat on some aging issues as well as territorial issues. Amos has been very responsive during his time with Misa, and much calmer and content after.

Amos has a 2 ½ year old sister and was often jealous when we were paying attention to her. He exhibited the same jealousy for 8 years to his, now deceased, litter mate brother, so we were not even expecting this behavior to shift in his sessions with Misa. But shift it has. Amos no longer seems bothered when we coddle the younger cat. He calmly waits for his ‘equal-time.’

And, he is more affectionate and understanding in general. It is as if Amos realizes we are reaching out to him and his sense of security has grown.

I am so glad Misa is now offering Reiki for our cats. I hope you get to see results for your own furry friends!”

– BJ