Flower Essences

Heal Your Cat’s Soul Naturally

What are flower essences?

They are natural healing, flower-infused spring water. It is made in a glass bowl containing spring water and flowers in their fullest season, left to sit in the sun for hours in nature. Then the natural healing property from a flower is tightly bottled in a concentrated form.

What do flower essences do?

Flower essences help re-balance your cat’s natural ability to heal him/herself. Your cat will reestablish a healthy and balanced psychological state. They take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to create noticeable, lasting change.

Are there any side effects?

Flower essences are completely safe. There are no side effects, overdoses, or any adverse effects when used with medications.

What are some examples of when can be helped with flower essences?

  • Extremely shy, nervous, and skittish due to fear
  • Lingering past trauma (emotional scars)
  • Hyper-active, high-strung, over-excitable cat
  • Recovery from surgery (physically and psychologically)
  • Depression
  • “Snapping” behavior – calm and lovely, then flip to biting and growling
  • Hostility toward other cats in a household
  • Old age and death
  • Loss of other pets/owner
  • I make each essence up uniquely for your cat, created with a custom formula for for their personality and situation.

Custom Made Flower Essences

  • One-hour consultation – $85. I visit your cat, in your home, to learn both their personality and how their issues are expressing. Using this information I’m then able to create flower essences that should work best for improving their lives. (Distance fee may apply.)
  • Custom flower essence bottle – $15. Uniquely blended for your cat from the most potent sourced flower essences available. (Shipping costs are extra, based on distance/method.)

It is very important to figure out a cause(s) of the symptom of your cat’s behavior. If we suspect multiple issues are there as root causes for your cat’s behavior, we add the type of remedy later on to treat even deeper issue that might be there.


“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the last two times I had people over to my house, Squeek came out, and was quite friendly.  My mom and dad came over on Saturday, and they were thrilled that Squeek would come out to see them.  She ran and hid at first, but after a while, she came out, talked to us, and let everyone pet her. I’m sure that the essences helped Squeek so much!  It makes me happy to see her being more social. Thanks again for all your help!”
– Dayna D.

“Misa made two flower essences for my cats, Stitch and Patrick. Both worked amazingly! Stitch was very shy and would hide whenever guests came to my house, and even hid from Misa when she would come to pet-sit. I added the flower essence to his water and wet food every day for about a month, and Stitch completely came out of his shell. He is social now with people who come to visit more often and loves it when Misa baby-sits. Also, I adopted Patrick from a local shelter, TLAC in December 2009. He’s 19 years old and had always been an only cat, and I already had two, Lilo and Stitch. Poor Patrick caught a cold at the shelter and stopped eating for almost a month. A new home with cat roommates, vet visits, and force feedings made for a very stressful time for him. He was living in one room, under the bed and would only come out to eat. After just two weeks of using Misa’s flower essence, he started exploring his new house and after two more weeks, he is completely settled and happy. He takes his naps on the couch, eats and drinks from Lilo and Stitch’s food and water bowls and has made himself at home in my home!” 

– Cam R.

Stitch – not shy anymore!!

“My husband and I foster cats for a local shelter.  When Mitzi’s owners dropped her off, she was so afraid and stressed that she stopped eating.  I took her home, and she hid under the bed for the first week, during which we had to force feed her.  After the first week, she would emerge long enough to eat, and then go back into hiding.  After several weeks, Mitzi decided she ‘trusted’ us, and became very affectionate towards us.  We tried introducing her to our own cats, but she was miserable outside of her ‘safe place’.  As long as she was in her room, she was very sweet with us, but she was not affectionate or comfortable around other cats (she would hiss and swat at them if they came too close to her).  She was also tense around people she didn’t know.
After 3 months, I decided to bring Mitzi to a monthly adoption event.  She was a ‘bound up’ ball of nerves the entire time, and I knew I couldn’t bring her to another event without a strategy to help comfort and relax her.  I talked to Misa, who gave me 2 formulas of essences to try with Mitzi.  She also gave me very clear instructions, and was available at all times if I had any questions about how to use them.  I gave Mitzi ‘Fear to Trust’ essences for about 3 weeks, and I noticed that she no longer got ‘upset’ with her roommates.  She welcomed unfamiliar visitors, seeking affection from them.  I returned her to the shelter a week before the adoption event, giving her ‘Rescue Remedy’ the day before and the day that I returned her.  She hid only briefly upon her arrival.  The remainder of the week she was her affectionate, sweet self.  The day of the adoption event she was adopted 15 minutes after we opened!

Thank you, Misa for all of your help.  Without your flower essences, I have no doubt that Mitzi would still be living at our house, afraid to venture out and still waiting for her forever home.”

– Maggie W.