When you ask nicely, your cat will tell you the truth… Grooming is obsolete.
SPA treatment is “in”!

Cats love to be pampered with brushing, nail trimming, and gentle massage because they feel great and fabulous, just like we feel amazing after human a SPA treatment!

I can attest that most of my cat sitting cats like to be brushed, petted, and lightly massaged. Some times, the owner initially told me that his/her cat doesn’t like to be brushed, but it turned out they like it. The key is “how” to brush them.


Does your cat never like being brushed? Consider doing these below before throwing away a special comb that you purchased for her.

  • Body Location – Where does your cat like to be brushed? Observe her reaction to your brushing touch. Many cats like being brushed around their cheeks, neck area, head area between two ears, chin, and near the base of their tails.
  • Strength – Start with a gentle brushing. Some cats prefer very gentle brushing rather than a strong and deep touch. Cats are individuals who have specific preferences. I guess that is the same as humans in our massage treatment.
  • Type of Brush – It depends on your cat’s hair length. Experiment with various type of brush/comb available at the pet store. If your cat doesn’t like the one you bought for her, donate it to a local shelter, and get your cat a different type. Your cat and the shelter cats will appreciate it!
  • Overweight cats – They really enjoy being brushed! They want to lick’n-groom themselves, but they can not reach certain places by themselves.


This cat learned to brush himself with a comb! He loves it even though he doesn’t usually like to be touched or petted!

Gentle Massage

  • Timing – Wait until your cat gives you a cue for petting and massage. She should be relaxed and friendly. She might be giving you a massage with her front paws before she asks for one!
  • Location – Every cat is different. My cats like to be gently massaged behind ears, chest area, neck, and down the spine to the base of the tail. Some cats have sensitivity on their back (spine to the tail), so please adjust accordingly.


Nail Trimming

  • Indoor cats’ nails should be trimmed every 2-3 weeks. I’ve witnessed a cat’s long and sharp nails stuck in loop edge of the carpet when she was playful. She paniced and struggled. A cat in panic…, not a pretty picture. I gently approached her and helped her release her claw. I’m glad I was there. Phew!